About Get Clean

Clean since 1971

From vinyl and cassettes in the 70s to touch screen tech today, we’ve always been committed to getting the most out of our gear.

AM means: clean

With the world at our dirty fingertips, AM Get Clean cleans away the Schmutz safely. Our cleaning liquid is completely alcohol-free so it won’t damage your most sensitive gadgets or your skin, even after repeated use.

Our nifty microfiber cloths easily clear away smudge, dirt, dust and fingerprints from screens and equipment. Get ready to be reacquainted with vibrant colors and shinyness, exclusively offered by AM Get Clean.

And we designed our all-in-one products to always be refillable so you can go easy on the environment while being gentle on your devices.


From vinyl to touch screens

Back in 1971, AM established itself as the go to brand for vinyl and record player cleaning products.

As music culture shifts its focus once again, forcing digital culture to relinquish its dominance over physical music formats, it’s not just the obsessive collectors, purist DJs and baby boomer audiophiles who are waxing lyrical about vinyl again.

With more and more people shunning the digital frenzy of compressed MP3 files and lossy streaming services for the high quality sound of analogue formats, we took a step back, did a total design overhaul and launched AM Clean Sound, our updated vinyl care range.