Clean better

Hello Schmutz

We clean away the Schmutz safely - without harsh chemicals. Our cleaning liquid is completely non-toxic and alcohol-free so it won’t damage your most sensitive gadgets or your skin, even after repeated use.

The dirty truth!

You probably have no idea that your devices are covered in germs. Lots of germs. Bad germs. Germs that make you sick.

Get Clean

Remember the first time you opened the box of your glossy new gadget? The smell. The sound. Ahhhh. What a moment. Now look at it. Covered in Schmutz!

We heard that

Public restroom seats are 50 times cleaner than most laptops

In some people's opinion

A donkey’s mouth is 20 times cleaner than most keyboards

It's probably true that

Someone else’s nose is 35 times cleaner than your tablet’s screen

They say

A New York pigeon is 10 times cleaner than the screen on your phone

Join the movement

Gentle on your technology and your skin, our cleaning liquid doesn’t skimp on the germ killing.