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How to clean microfiber cloths


Microfiber cloths are like magnets for dust, dirt and tiny particles, which is great because that's what they're for.

Not only are microfiber cloths more hygienic, they avoid the need for harmful detergents and they get things looking much cleaner in a lot less time. They’re also perfect for cleaning phones, laptops and tablets because they gently on your device’s sensitive screen.

Washing microfiber cloths regularly will prevent the dirt and debris that the cloth has attracted from scratching surfaces if used again before cleaning.


How to wash microfiber cloths in the washing machine:

It’s always best to wash microfiber cloths separately, but if you need to run a mixed load make sure it’s only with other non-linting synthetic materials (Cotton is one material in particular that’s best kept away from microfiber.)

  1. Wash your microfiber cloth on a cool or warm setting with no detergent.

  2. When the cycle is complete, leave to air-dry or dry on a low heat setting in a tumble dryer.

What not to do: Never use fabric softener on microfiber cloths because the residue from fabric softener will clog up the fibers and make them less effective.


How to wash microfiber cloths by hand:

Hand washing is often the most straightforward cleaning method, and with microfiber cloths all you need is water!

  1. Run the dirty microfiber cloth under cool or warm (not hot) water, and rub the microfiber between your fingers to help release the dirt and grime.

  2. Rinse well and leave to air-dry.


About the author:

This post was written by AM Denmark. Established in 1971, over the last 45 years AM has earned its place as a leader in the field of vinyl, hi-fi, computer, touch screen and flat screen TV cleaning. As media consumption has evolved, AM has continued to innovate and adapt to new technologies and devices. AM thrives to provide the best and highest quality cleaning products for office and home use. The cleaning liquid in all AM cleaning products is alcohol-free, and safely tested across all screens. It won’t damage your most sensitive gadgets, screens or your skin, even after repeated use.